A Few Simple and Thoughtful Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom can be one of the most overlooked rooms in the house when it comes to décor and lighting design. Being a room where we start and end our days, it needs to a have a few thoughtful touches to make it a convenient and comfortable space. Here are a few modern bathroom lighting ideas that will help achieve that.

The most important area in a bathroom is the mirror. A thoughtful arrangement of lights around the mirror will provide shadow free lighting, making it easier to groom in the morning and at night. Only using the ceiling light will create shadows on the face. Instead you want to have one wall light on each side, left and right, of the mirror and one attached right above. This layout provides the ideal bathroom vanity lighting for the vanity area. An even better layout, though somewhat impractical, is Hollywood lighting. This is when you have a lot of light bulbs all around the mirror – as seen backstage at movie sets or fashion shows.

Once the vanity area is taken care of you can then focus on creating a relaxing and comfortable space. Some modern touches include using LED shower heads and faucets. These can either be used for mood lighting or functional bathroom lighting as the lights change color based on the temperature of the water. There are simple add-ons, like screw on shower heads, that integrate LED lighting into bathroom fixtures, or there are larger investments like the Shower Column by Graff Faucets, that are designer pieces crafted with bathroom lights.

An easy way of adding relaxing bathroom lighting around the bathtub is to use flameless candles. These are battery powered LED lights so there is no wax to clean up afterwards, no fire hazard, and are reusable. Some will even flicker to mimic a candle, and some will even come in wax bases to creating a more realistic candle.

For general lighting, recessed bathroom lighting fixtures are popular in modern homes. This is because they are fitted into the ceiling, hiding the fixtures, providing an elegant and clean look in the bathroom. If you have a large space some bathroom lighting ideas include mini chandeliers, wall lamps and flush mount lights. For a luxurious touch you can always have dimmer switches installed to turn the lights down when you are getting ready for bed and want have a softly lit bathroom, or turn the lights up when you are getting ready in the morning.