5 Unique Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

Are you tired of your bathroom vanities? Getting a new look only takes a weekend, a little hard work, and a whole lot of creativity – but the results can transform the entire room. Every bathroom is different though, so it may take a little time to sort through those potential projects to find just the right one. Thankfully, hunting is half of the fun!

From simple paintbrush touch ups to big projects that call for power tools, these ideas for a unique bathroom vanity unit will help get those ideas flowing!

1. Upgrade your old digs

If you are fine with the existing counter tops, rehabilitating an old bathroom vanity is easy. You can completely change the look of a wood vanity with fresh paint – small efforts (patching dents with wood filler, adding modern molding, experimenting with stenciling) can make a big difference. Get creative with those home decorating ideas; additions like leftover wallpaper and doorknockers can make a powerful statement.

2. Install cabinet inserts

If your cabinet already has inserts, then you’re good to go. If not, you might need to learn how to use a router table to pull off this project. Too many bathroom vanities look thick and bulky – you can modernize and brighten your cabinets by replacing the inserts with frosted, stained, or etched glass for a refreshed look.

3. Repurpose classic furniture

Many high-end interior designers have taken to replacing bathroom vanities with attractive antique dressers. This is surprisingly easy to pull off at home – you just have to knock out a few drawers, pick out a lovely vessel sink, and install the sink just as you would with ordinary bathroom vanity units. Replace the hardware, add fixtures, and you’re ready to go. This project gives you a great excuse to go junk hunting!

4. Work with your space

A small bathroom as opposed to large ones have different needs. A larger bathroom may be difficult and somewhat expensive to furnish, but you can cut those costs and achieve a unique style by breaking down the large vanity into two freestanding units (perfect for a master modern bedroom) – instead of connecting the two bathroom vanities, you can place a large fern or decorative statue between for a lighter look.

When dealing with small bathrooms, most people would install small bathroom vanities. However, with the right arrangement, a wall-to-wall vanity actually reduces dark unusable dead space and can make the room seem longer and larger.

5. Ditch the entire vanity

Wall-mounted bathroom sinks are making a comeback. Why have a vanity when you could go with a sleek, contemporary look by ditching bulky bathroom cabinets altogether? This type of setup makes the bathroom easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

Dreaming up ideas for new bathroom vanities is a delight – there are plenty of ways to refresh your old unit, hundreds of options to build your own new one, and plenty of economical pre-fabricated models to help you save time and money. So allow your imagination to wander and whip up some sketches of your fantasy bathroom vanities; the bathroom of your dreams is just a weekend away.