Choosing A Bathroom Vanity And Sink for Your Bathroom Remodel

 bathroom vanity

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The bathroom is much more than a place to freshen up. They can be indicative of a person’s character and beliefs; one look at a bathroom vanity can tell you a lot about a person. So express yourself better when choosing a bathroom vanity and sink if you’re planning a remodel.

Countertop Finishes

The countertop is the most important part of your vanity, and there is a diversity of options for the discerning eye. Choose a finish that is durable and relatively simple to take care of, like granite or marble.

If cost is a consideration, then bathroom vanity counters have been managing with Formica for years. For the more upscale looks though, go with wood or stone. Marble countertops, for instance, could cost $80 – $100 per square foot while wood is cheaper. Different woods like cherry, oak or maple can add different dimensions and looks to your personal vanity.

Vanity Basins

The basin of your vanity can be single or double, the choice depends on what you and your bathroom need. There are also different materials used in vanity basins, metal and ceramic being the most common.

Metal is longer lasting, though ceramic can be cheaper. Prices for vanity basins, which depend on whether you want to customize or not, can range from about $30 to the thousands.

Separate Vanities

To maximize privacy, it is possible to separate single vanities by a mirror, a door, a brace of cabinets. It also allows the users to have that much more space. This option is only possible for larger bathrooms, however, and would not work as well as an idea in remodelling smaller bathrooms.

Saving Space

Vanities can be all sizes and shapes. For the somewhat cramped bathroom, a simple built in wooden stand and movable basin/bowl can serve as a functional vanity. A simple vanity is relatively cost-efficient, and would probably run somewhere under $400.


There are many kinds of mirror positions and designs that complement different vanities. Will you choose a single mirror or multiple ones? Mirrors built into the bathroom vanity can be stylish. You can install movable mirrors around your bathroom as well; they would be a cheaper option than those built-in.


Some bathroom vanities are designed to accommodate drawers and other kinds of storage space while others are not. It is possible to purchase vanities that emphasize storage, in which case you ought to pay attention to the wood, the finishes, and maybe the door styles and pulls. Drawers are an additional expense, but the storage possibilities for your cosmetics and other accessories can be worth it.


Vanities made of wood are popular, but the majority of such can be bulky and clash with the minimal styles of many contemporary bathroom designs. For sleek, clean lines try installing a bathroom vanity made out of stainless steel. There are steel and metal designs much more affordable than wooden vanities.

Vanities are essential to many bathrooms they are good for storage space, efficient use of bathroom space, not to mention aesthetic appeal. Thinking about it like that, why wouldn’t you want a vanity in your bathroom? Are there some other options that would make choosing a bathroom vanity even more essential to the bathroom?

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