Tips for Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams on a Budget

Old Ugly Bathroom (Before)

(Photo credit: Rick Scully)

Let’s face it remodeling the bathroom can be quite expensive. Re-doing your bathroom

inexpensively requires planning and creativity. However, if you know how to do it, you can enhance the value of your home on a budget.Whether you choose to completely remodel the bathroom or just abasic redecorationhere are some tips tohelp you save money on your next bathroom project.

Consider repainting or wallpapering

Changing the color of your bathroom is the cheapest and easiest thing you can try. However, don’t cut corners. Spend a little bit more to get the best paint, especially one that’s made for steamy environments and is mildew-resistant. There are paints made especially for bathrooms and don’t skimp on the primer. Spending the little bit of extra money here will save you hundreds later on damaged walls.

Consider just changing the basics -accessories and accents

Replacing things like a shower curtain, rugs, window curtains and towels can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom and will not cost a lot.

Fix the current vanity or install a new vanity

If the bones of your current vanity are still good, then refinishing it may be the best budget saver here. You can strip it down and paint or just stain it a new color. However, if there is dry rot or other structural issues then replacement may be necessary. There are various kinds of vanities on the market. You will find everything from shabby chic and kitschy to sleek and elegant. The prices will also vary so be sure to shop around and find just the right piece to match your decorating style and personality.

Replace shower heads and faucets

Upgrading your shower head is fairly inexpensive. On the other hand, upgrading your faucets can be expensive, but you can still do it on a budget and save some money. There are a large variety offinishes. Some of the most common ones include brushed nickel and chrome, and some new finishes have bronze colors. Remember, as you replace these key items, make sure the finishes match.

Change simple hardware

Replacing items like towel racks, drawer pulls and vanity door, as well as toilet paper holder may dramatically transform a bathroom. Most drawer-pull materials look fresh for long periods of time. However, acrylics and ceramics tend to get dirtier, so they’ll need to be cleaned more often than metals.

Replace light fixtures

Replacing your light fixtures allows you to make sure their finishes match other hardware in your bathroom, such as drawer pulls and faucets. With some caution, you can replace light fixtures without an electrician. However, make sure you disconnect the electricity to the bathroom before you do this. If you have never done this it may be best to find someone who has. There are also some great books out there with step by step instructions. YouTube also has a variety of how-to videos you should check out.

As you can see you don’t have to break your budget when remodeling your bathroom. Instead of cutting up the bathroom and starting afresh, think of ideas to enhance what you have already, and think of design ideas you may implement yourself. Remodeling your bathroom on a budget allows you to own the design of the bathroom, so use your creativity and enjoy it.

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