Planning Your Bath Remodel: Modern Shower Design

Your bathroom is hopelessly out of date. Pink or green tiles might have been very desirable in the 1960s, but now, not so much. If you desire a sleek, modern shower design, then consider the types of materials and products you should incorporate into your bathroom renovation.

Modern Shower Tile
Ceramic tile may be cheap, but let’s face it, it’s not very sexy for a modern shower design. Instead, think luxurious and textured tiles like slate, granite and even recycled glass tiles. Be creative with your shower tile patterns. Consider installing an accent tile wall in your bathroom shower, such as a lightly textured surface or brightly colored tiles. The other walls should be more neutral. Always check before installing tile on a shower floor to be sure it is durable enough and won’t cause you to slip.

Frameless Shower Doors
Shower curtain rods aren’t often very stylish or modern, and typical glass shower doors have chunky chrome frames and are awkward to slide open and closed. Consider installing the much more modern option of frameless shower doors. As the name suggests, the glass panels are not bound by a metal frame, making the shower enclosure look almost invisible. A Frameless shower door may be installed in bath/shower combos, a walk in shower, and even a corner shower with a silicone joint or other clear, water proof caulking material.

Sleek Shower Fixtures
Shower fixtures include faucets, diverters for hot and cold water and shower heads. It’s tempting to go out and by the cheapest fixtures you can find at your local home improvement store, but you know the old adage about getting what you pay for. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands, but by spending a few dollars extra, you can buy sleek looking shower fixtures that compliment your modern bathroom decor. Look for chrome and nickel finishes, rather than brass or copper, which tend to look more traditional.