Bathroom Wall Tiles, Some Ideas That You Can Use

Using bathroom wall tiles can have several advantages in comparison to decorating with wallpaper or ink, especially in the bathroom. Tiles are easy to clean, and will not peel off the wall even when indoor humidity is high. When you replace tiles in your bathroom, you will need to consider some tips and ideas.

Horizontal boundaries divide the overall look of the room, and keep the color and type of wall tiles dominant. The problem is that horizontal edges tend to look very plain and simple. Vertical boundaries, on the other hand, show a transition from floor to ceiling, one that can give your bathroom a whole new look. Choose a neutral tone of bathroom floor tiles for the room, and choose a complimentary color on the walls with decorative tiles to be used on the border. Choose a pattern of tiles which are of the same color. When installed in a bathroom, add a layer of tiles in unusual patterns every few meters. Tiling can be vertically challenging, and this can add a stylish element to the room.

Also take a look at glass bathroom tiles which are lighter than traditional ceramic tiles because the tiles are made from pieces of translucent glass. The use of glass tiles around your bathroom is expensive. Instead, use glass tiles around the bath or walk in shower. You still have a relaxing view, but without the high cost. Choose a shade of light blue or light green which can really make the room brighter as it reflects light around the bathroom. You should also use a similar shade of paint on the walls.

There are several styles of wall tiles that come in various colors and sizes. Adding mosaic shelves to the bathroom will make it bright without overwhelming the rest of the room. A layer of mortar can even be applied with broken tiles pressed into it. Just keep the tiles securely attached to the wall.

Combine two different sizes and colors of bathroom tile designs to give it a modern look. Get tiles that are lighter or darker than the color of the bottom wall. Have these laid out around 2 meters high on the wall. Then, add another kind of tiles from the top of these ones to the ceiling. You can also add a border between two vertical tiles to fill the gap between them. As you can see, there are many bathroom designs for small spaces.