4 Design Ideas For Walk In Shower Accessories

One of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling today is to incorporate a walk in shower into the bathroom setting. Most of today’s baby boomers are starting to look at retirement,if they are not already there, and want a more luxuries surrounding for their busy lifestyles. This is why most bathroom remodeling projects have started to use the low maintenance and easy to use walk in shower kits.

When you are planning your bathroom make over there are many options that you will want to look at while picking out the toilet, bathroom vanity unit, and the shower that you want there will be many options to each choice. We want to point out a few of those options that you have while choosing just the new shower accessories for your bathroom.

1. A built in shower seat is something that a lot of people do not ordinarily consider, but as you get older it may be something that really comes in handy. While it may not be something that you need some find it to be more of a luxury item especially if you have something like a steam shower where you will be spending more time in the shower. There are portable seats available that you can move in and out of the shower but I have always thought that a built in seat just made more sense.

2. Another item that makes a lot of sense is to have a built in shower caddy, or shelves built into the side of the shower enclosure for shampoo and soap. I have seen a lot of the wire add on caddies that are used in showers but they just do not look as good as a built in unit, and they are also prone to fall occasionally which a built in unit will not do.

3. Another item that goes along with the built in bench is to have a hand-held shower head while they are not required to take a shower while sitting down they do make things easier and if you add a massaging shower head to the hand-held unit it is really a luxury item. These will also work with dual shower heads so you can have water from all angles.

4. Have you ever been getting out of the shower, especially in a tub shower combination where you have to step over the side of the tub, and had your foot start to slip on the wet surface, it is not a good feeling, even if you don’t fall it can really shake you up. This is the reason that you need to consider adding grab bars in your shower, not only does it make it safer but it is just easier to move around if you have something sturdy to hold on to.

So there you have a very few ideas for accessories that can be built into a walk in shower enclosure or at least added as safety measures. There are many other ideas within our other pages so feel free to look around and see what else that you can find of interest on our site.