Today’s Walk in Shower

Today’s Walk in Shower

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When you think of a walk in shower it gives you immense pleasure like that of a spa. In Today’s bathroom, having a walk in shower is the latest trend. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom there will be many design decisions to be made. Walk in showers come in different designs and with different features and functions depending upon your choices. While thinking of it, you have to consider different aspects like size, angle, style and features, as well as the many different bathroom and shower accessories that are available on the market today.

Walk in shower size is one area that you should consider for your own comfort as well as accessibility. Try to keep the bathroom big enough for proper function, but should also be convenient for cleaning.

Angle of the flooring is the main feature, as little slope should be given to it to avoid the mess of water on the floor. If the angle is not correct then the water will not flow in the right direction to reach the drain. This is usually the job of the shower base pan.

Styles and features play the most active role while planning for a walk in shower. You have to decide various factors like; do you want the showers to come from different shower heads from different angles? Should the steam feature be installed so as to give a spa effect? Do you want an entire room to be used for a Walk in shower, which is separate from your existing bathroom? You can have a shower with or without a shower door?

You have to make a decision on all of these factors before starting to design the bathroom for the use of walk in shower enclosures. Placement of showers should be decided keeping in mind the size of bathroom and also concept of fashion should be kept in mind.

The Very natural idea of flat pebbles covering the floor is very exotic. When you move on the floor with all these pebbles, it gives the feel of sensual massage. The coolness of these pebbles makes it a very therapeutic. This idea is very economical compared to costly tiles, as these pebbles are easily available. Placement on these pebbles completes the look. Try it with natural colors to have a tranquil feel. The rain shower head is very much compatible in combination.

Another style that is very popular is Zen spa type. It is a type having clear-glass enclosure with half walls blocked with glass. It gives full privacy in the required area at the same time it floods the shower area with natural light. The shower gives a massaging effect as it comes in multiple body sprays. It can be a good steam spa when attached with hot water provision and even aromatherapy.

Another thing to consider when you decided on a walk-in shower is the type of walk in shower door you will use. If you’re going to install a premade walk in shower enclosure most people usually elect to use the door that came with it or the one that is made for it. While these doors are usually made to fit that shower you can also opt for a custom shower door. Two things to keep in mind when using a custom shower door is the layout and style. Does it open in the right direction and will it look good with your shower enclosure.

If you’re thinking about a glass shower doors there are a few things to consider, they are usually heavier than a normal shower door which will make them harder to install and may call for professional to do the installation.