Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

If you only have a small space for your bathroom and are thinking of the best small bathroom design then coming up with a plan is the first step that you should take. Here are some tips that you have to consider especially if you have a small bathroom design to plan.

To make the room look larger it would be helpful if you paint the wall with a soft color. If you want to add bathroom decorations to your room it would be better to paint the walls with lighter shades. Bright and bold colors are only good if you are going to be using small accents. It will make the room light and intimate. If you are planning to accent the wall with wallpaper, then you should avoid wallpapers with large prints or patterns. This will make the room look lighter and larger. It would be better if you consider making the largest wall in the room just like a mural of an open space. To make it look more open it will better to use light tones for the flooring.

Commonly used colors for floors are tans, light blues and light grays. You can use a slim pedestal sink rather than using a wide bathroom vanity unit. This will make the bathroom look larger and more open. For fixtures that you are planning to include, try to use only ones that take up less space, such as a wall hung toilet, since you are working on a small bathroom to begin with. Try to put in bathroom lighting which lights up the whole room to make it seem larger. If you have windows try not to cover them so that the natural light can get in. Having ample amounts of light in the room is very important. You can avoid putting unnecessary objects into your bathroom that can eat up space. You can use some small furniture that will compliment the whole design of the bathroom. It will also be better if you have a theme to follow.