New Bathroom Lighting Instead of a Complete Renovation

If you’re tired of the look of your bathroom but don’t have the budget to completely remodel, the first thing to consider is new bathroom lighting. If you have a colored bathtub, sink and toilet, brighter bathroom lighting can actually make them look a different shade. Rather than a dull and dim room you can have a brighter room that you might realize doesn’t need all that much renovation. In a bathroom, you’ll want overhead bathroom lights and task lighting at a minimum. You may also want accident or mood lighting, but a small bathroom might not need that many fixtures.

Before you spend money on other items in your bathroom, count how many bathroom light fixtures you have. If you only have one, then it’s not going to be difficult to make the room look new and bright. If you have one overhead light fixture, take a long look at it. Is it a cheap fixture that just has the hanging square or round shade below a bulb? Look at the different light fixtures that are available that have many different bulbs in separate little lamps and see how that can change not only the look of the decor, showing off your bathroom decorations, but also the brightness level in the bathroom.

If the idea of a blindingly bright bathroom bothers you, you can always install a dimmer switch or use lower wattage bulbs. A brighter bathroom, however, can typically make you feel more awake in the morning while a dim and gray bathroom might slow you down. It’s also easier and faster to clean a bright bathroom because you can see everything much better, and that means less cleaning time, which is always a good thing.

Just by changing your overhead bathroom lighting fixture you can go from boring to bright and pretty in a bathroom almost instantly.