Small Bathroom Remodeling – Where to Start!

Remodeling for a small bathroom is a challenge when it come to space design. Usual techniques are replacing your bathtub with a walk in shower, or placing a huge mirror to add a sense of spaciousness. Aside from the difficulty in utilizing space from small bathroom, costs for small fixtures are comparable to, or in some cases slightly higher than standard models. Here are some tips and techniques in small bathroom remodeling.

To make the ceiling appear higher you might try accenting the top of the wall with crown molding or a wallpaper or paint border. You can also accent vertical lines that will draw the eye upward, this can also be achieved with light. Extended or stripes of tiles to the ceiling can also make the room look larger.

Color and Light:
To create an illusion of more space use pale or soft colors, you can use cool colors to enhance the feeling of peacefulness. Match grout to tile color to minimize the color contrast. For lighting, it is an advantage to have a larger window to bring in the desirable natural light and also for the natural ventilation. For artificial bathroom lighting, add ceiling lights, sconces, tubelights, and multi-light fixtures. Bringing in more light will make the room seem larger.

Space and functionality are important factors in designing a bathroom space. To emphasize this well-planned storage, utilize cabinets and shelves. The key is to have storage spaces above to avoid clutter on the floor with cosmetics, towels, and cleaning materials. You do have a choice of having wall-mounted cabinets instead of a bathroom vanity unit to preserve floor space. Recessed cabinets and inset cabinets in the wall is another option.

Doors and Windows:
Through installing sliding doors you are able to add space. Aside from having a large window as mentioned earlier for more natural light, you can also have an option of using a glass block window, it offers some privacy and eliminates the need for shades or curtains. Stained or colored glass in windows can also add character to the room.