Bathroom Lights Done The Right Way

An image of one of my bathroom lights in Laure...

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For some reason, common bathrooms in houses are built in smaller dimensions compared to other rooms in the house. More often than not, bathroom lighting is installed in the ceiling, no matter what design or theme you have for your bathroom. This is done with the notion that bathroom lights installed in the ceiling can save space. However, there are bathroom lighting fixtures that are very appropriate in the usually limited bathroom size that are very functional and stylish at the same time. Interestingly, these bathroom lights can be installed in the walls of the bathroom near the walk in shower or over the bathroom vanity unit.

Historically, torches have inspired modern manufacturers and designers of lighting fixtures to its contemporary version – sconces. In the olden times, torches are placed on the walls to light the dark hallways of medieval castles. In the modern times, this was replaced by sconces and lights hung on walls. Sconces can also serve as lighting fixtures in the hallways and foyers of hotels and homes as well as bathrooms. In as much as these fixtures are very functional even bathroom sconces come in very stylish and exquisite pieces that could match all kinds of room décor, furniture and theme.

Wall sconces are very attractive and stylish. But, they are also versatile since they do very well in outdoor lighting. Aside from their decorative purpose, sconces can also be used as a security system since it can provide lighting that can keep away from strangers and people with malicious intent to our homes. This is a good investment given that it can give you a sense of security plus it can bring out the beauty of the outside part of your house.

Since this is a good investment, you must also be able to know where the ideal placements of these lights. A good placement of living room, bedroom and bathroom lighting can be very efficient and functional plus it adds to the comforting ambiance we all want to achieve.