Use Both Ceiling And Wall Mounted Bathroom Lighting Fixtures To Get The Designer Look

Bathroom Light Fixture

(Photo credit: Sarah_Ackerman)

For many people, half the fun of going on vacation or away on a business trip is being able to stay in expensive boutique hotels, and spend a few days living in luxurious comfort. These types of hotel know a thing or two about style, and it always looks like they’ve spent a fortune on the design of their bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms… which is not always necessarily the case.

It’s possible to create the look of the designer hotels in your own home, and one of the easiest rooms to transform is the bathroom. Through the right choice of bathroom lighting fixtures, colors and fittings it’s possible to get the designer look on a small budget.

By using recessed ceiling spot lights, you’ll not only help to de-clutter the appearance of the room, but the quality of the light will be dramatically improved. These bathroom ceiling light fixtures help to create an even and balanced distribution of light, eliminating any shadows and gloomy corners. You can combine these with bathroom wall light fixtures to help create a more tranquil lighting effect, so the room can take on a more relaxing mood when you’re soaking in the tub after a hard day at work.

Try to keep the color scheme fairly neutral and, if you can, pick one color for the room and uses different tones in different places – use a light tone for the wall tiles, for example, and then a darker contrasting tone on the floor and worktops. Keep any sanitary ware (baths, sinks, toilets etc) white as this will always age well and will blend with any color of decor. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here as budget sanitary ware will look just as good as expensive stuff when you fit sparkling designer basin taps and walk in shower units, which is where you should concentrate your budget.

Finally, you can create a great focal point in the room and give it a real wow factor, by fitting illuminated bathroom mirrors behind the sinks and bath. These bathroom vanity light fixtures will not only help to make the room look larger than it is by bouncing the light around the room, but they are perfect for when you need to put on make up or have a shave. Many top of the range mirrors come with a built in anti-mist function so they will never steam up when you’re in the shower or leave the hot tap running.

So with these few simple bathroom lighting tips you should be able to give your bathroom a stunning make-over, and give it the look and feel of a boutique hotel. The next time you go away, no matter how luxurious your hotel, you’ll be sure to feel right at home.