Why Buy A Toilet Bowl Brush Holder?

Various toilet brushes

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Buying a toilet brush holder might be one of those things you can do without. But upon further thought, it is necessary to have in your bathroom for many reasons.

The first one is convenience. Do you really want to have a used toilet bowl brush lying on the floor next to the toilet, or even in the bathroom sink cabinet? I didn’t think so. That would be kind of disgusting.

Another reason is that it is unsightly. Once again just having a toilet brush hanging out makes the bathroom unkempt.

So what should you look for in a toilet brush holder? With a little shopping on the internet, you will be able to find something that will fill you needs.

A toilet brush holder doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find many small plastic models for under $10 and even under $5. The lower price models usually leave the brush visible to anyone who walks into the bathroom. While it is functional and does the job, does anyone really want to see a toilet brush when they are in the bathroom?

Starting at around $10, you can find holders that will keep the brush head hidden from view. You can find these either as a clamshell model or as a canister model. The clamshell works just like its namesake. Pull the brush out, and the shell opens. When you go to put it back in, the clamshell closes, hiding the brush from view.

A toilet brush canister, in my opinion, looks much better in a bathroom. With this type, you can find them in many colors and also get it made of stainless steel. I think stainless steel is much more sanitary than using plastic, just my preference. Another thing I like about the canister is that you can also find them in many colors. This will certainly help when you are trying to match your bathroom decorations. You can shop online to find the right type of holder for your toilet brushes.