Defying Gravity With A Basement Toilet

Adding a small bathroom in your basement is a very good way to increase appeal and comfort to your house. It is ideal for people who loves to accept visitors and for growing families. You can avoid the hassle of waiting for your turn to use the bathroom. With the additional room in the basement, it means that you can use it anytime that you want and you can save the masters bathroom for your personal use since you don’t have to lend it out to friends; you can tell them to use the bathroom in the basement instead.

One problem that many people face in constructing the bathroom is the bathroom plumbing system. It is important that you know that most of the expenses will go through the plumbing part. The major problem that you might encounter is defying gravity in order to flush out the waste from your basement toilet. Once you’re done using the toilet, what you will do next is to flush it out with water. The water then will push the waste into the sewerage pipe and then to the main drain. But there are times that this doesn’t work since the main drain is located above the floor level of the room in which you plan to do the toilet installation. If this is your case, you can use flushup toilet that is a specially designed toilet to defy gravity and flush the waste to the main drain.

The flushup toilet uses a motor that treats the waste into more simpler particles that can be easily pumped out by water. There are two types that are commercially available in the market, the one with the sump that you have to place underneath the toilet and the one that is attached to the toilet itself. The choice will be of your preference. No matter what kind you purchase, one thing that you have to remember is to maintain it properly to avoid a toilet repair. There are instances that the toilet is not allowed for a specific home, in order to avoid wasting money in purchasing the toilet only to find out it is not applicable, you can contact the local plumbing department in your area about the codes and for them to inspect your basement to find out if it is possible to install one.