Back Flush or Wall Hung Toilet : Weighing the Pros and Cons

Whether you are building a new house or simply renovating your current one, knowing about back flush toilets can help you a lot in deciding the type of toilet system to install in your home. A back flush or wall hung toilet as they are called are now becoming popular around the country due to their many benefits. However, every popular thing also has its negative side so this article will try to discuss the pros and cons of this toilet unit.

In discussing about the pros, one of the most mentioned benefits of this toilet system is their appearance. As compared to the traditional floor mounted toilets, this unit gives bathrooms cleaner lines with their sleek and modern design. A wall hung toilet has its pipes and other plumbing fixtures concealed unlike in normal toilets. They are also way slimmer and compact as compared to their counterparts so with the use of this unit, you can have more space to fit in other things in your small bathroom.

Another benefit of this type of toilet system is their higher flushing power due to the pressure-aided tools installed on them. Back flush toilets are also versatile since they can be installed in other locations which traditional floor mounted toilets cannot manage.

As for the cons, a wall hung toilet is still not as widely produced unlike other floor mounted models so accessibility is a problem especially if you require a toilet repair. Also, since they are only new and have limited supply, they are a little more expensive than their counterparts, and harder to find replacement toilet parts for them. Moreover, since these units are built to be compact, they are less stable as compared to the floor mounted units. This toilet unit is also attached directly to the wall so their bolts need to be adjusted every now and then. Lastly, since this type of toilet features more use than the normal flush models, they possess a complexity that heightens the probability of leaking.