A Shower Caddy For Organization And Safety

One of the most popular bathroom accessories today also happens to be one of the most helpful as well – the shower caddy.  If you want to keep your bathroom, and particularly your bathroom shower area, organized, neat, and free from clutter, then you should think about getting one of the many shower caddies available today.  Additionally, shower caddies can be a great safety feature as well.  Statistics show that many accidents in the home take place in bathrooms, and especially in bathtubs or in a walk in shower.  Many people fall and hurt themselves badly while reaching for something in their shower, whether it be the shampoo, a washcloth, shaving cream, body wash, etc.  By employing a shower caddy to organize the bath items you use frequently and keep them within reach, instead of in the bathroom storage cabinet, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a serious accident and create a much safer environment in your bathroom.

There are numerous styles and designs of shower caddies that are available today.  One popular design hangs on the shower head and contains some combination of shelves, pockets, and baskets to help you organize your shower accessories.  These are usually available in either stainless steel or plastic, and which one you ultimately choose is usually just a matter of personal preference based upon the existing bathroom decorations.  There are some practical considerations, though.  For example, a plastic shower shelf has the advantage of being light, and should it fall it will probably do less damage to your tub and/or walk in shower enclosure than would a steel one.  This is more of a concern with fiberglass shower enclosures.  Stainless steel works just as well, however, providing you make sure it is secure.  The major advantage of a stainless steel shower caddy, of course, is its durability.  This can be important depending upon the size and the weight of what you plan to place within it.  Just make sure that whatever type of shower caddy you get, the space between the shelves is sufficient to hold the bottles you intend to place there, especially if you tend to purchase the larger family sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and the like.