Common Toilet Parts Problems and Their Repairs

Some toilet parts get broken more easily than others. Most of these are moving parts inside the toilet tank. These parts get worn out as time passes.

Below are the most common toilet parts that typically get broken and how to handle the corresponding toilet repairs. No matter what you are repairing, it is important to remember to turn off the water source first before attempting to fix anything.

Leaking water due to worn out wax rings:

The toilet flange wax rings secures the toilet to the floor and prevents water that flows from the toilet bowl to the sewers from escaping onto the bathroom floor. It acts as an additional covering so water won’t leak out of the pipe and is located on the flange. The flange is the metal piece that connects the toilet to the bathroom plumbing that goes to the sewers and is located at the base of the toilet. You have to remove the toilet bowl to access this area. Remove it by loosening the nuts on each side. Then, replace the wax ring before re-securing the toilet.

Running toilet due to broken flapper:

The flapper controls how much water flows into the tank when you flush. If you’re experiencing a running toilet, chances are there is problem with the flapper. Flapper problems come in two cases:

1.The problem is caused by the inappropriate length of the chain hooked to the flapper. If this is the case, just a little adjustment on the chain length will fix it.

2.The flapper is already damaged and does not fit the pipe hole. Fixing this is easy. Just remove it from its mounting tabs and replace it with a new one.

Running toilet due to Float:

If the toilet seems to start and stop running on its own this is probably a problem with the adjustment of the float which is used to open the water supply valve when the tank is low on water. It also closes the valve when the tank is full which is where the problem usually lies. if the water level reaches the top of the overflow pipe the water will keep running. you must set the float so that the water shuts off when the level is about 1 inch from the top of the over flow pipe.

These are a few of the most common toilet repair problems that you’ll probably be facing and by knowing what to do you can save a lot over calling a plumber.