A Quick Guide on Various Types of Toilets

Are you planning to install a new toilet? With an overwhelming number models and designs to choose from, shopping for one can become a daunting experience. However, becoming familiar with the existing different types of toilets will make the selection simpler and easier.

Newer toilet models are known to be environmentally friendly and efficient, which should appeal to users like you. But of course, the primary consideration most homeowners are concerned about is the cost of the toilet.

Toilet cost is influenced by different factors. For one, the height of the toilet can have an effect on the price. Toilets also differ in terms of efficiency, with most of the newer models using fewer than 1.6 gallons of fresh water for every flush. Some even use .8 gallons in removal of waste. Moreover, toilets also come in a wide assortment of styles and designs.

However, not all expensive toilets are considered as great buys. Whether buying one for basement toilet installation or for any other bathroom, the best toilets in terms of flushing ability are those that are pressure-assisted. In fact, pressure-assisted toilets are moderately priced from $225-$300. Other models can approximate the power of pressure-assisted toilets but come a bit cheaper. Inexpensive models range from $150 to about $250.

Vacuum-assisted units, meanwhile, quietly operate by using the tank to draw air from the bowl. This in turn enables the quick filling of water. This type is ideal for basement toilet installation, or when installing toilets in a small bathroom.

Perhaps, the most common type of toilet these days is the gravity flush. This type of toilet makes use of the water coming from the tank in disposing the waste. This type of toilet can work on low water pressure of about 10 pounds for every square inch since it relies on gravity to dispose the waste to the drainpipe. This is ideal for those in need of quiet models as well as homes with low water pressure, and simplify’s toilet repair.