Handyman Jobs – A Basement Toilet Instalation

If you have an older house with a basement toilet that is one of those which is built up on a wooden pedestal and you want to move it then this is one of those handyman jobs for you. When I say older home I am talking forty years old, not something built in the last twenty years. I am not sure why they didn’t mount the toilet directly to the floor but most old homes had that wooden pedestal. While the toilet is out and drained you might want to gather any toilet parts that you need and do any toilet repair that is needed, so that you don’t have to take it all loose again.

1. First shut of the water to the toilet and disconnect the bathroom plumbing from the toilet.
2. Flush the toilet to drain the tank most of the way so you can remove it.
3. Remove the wooden pedestal and mark the floor where you want to have the new toilet installation.
4. Use a sledge hammer to break the floor at the installation point and a 10 inch wide break leading to the old toilet.
5. Remove the two bolts that hold the tank on and separate it from the toilet base.
6. Remove two nuts on either side of the base, rock the toilet to break the wax seal and lift it off.
7. Now you can see the drain opening, you floor should be broken to that point. Break out all the pieces and you should be seeing ground.
8. Dig up the dirt and shovel it into a wheel barrel because you need some backfill.
9. Remove the old elbow that is now exposed that goes into the main drain. You can twist it loose by using a large pipe wrench.
10. Measure the amount of PVC toilet drain pipe you need along with appropriate elbows. I recommend installing a check valve at the main pipe opening.
11. Install you PVC in the floor and cover with backfill leaving a couple of inches above for concrete.
12. Mix some bagged concrete mix in a bucket and pour it out.
13. Smooth it with a trowel and there you have it, handyman jobs you can do yourself, oh yes and don’t forget to install your new toilet.