Modular Steam Shower Kits For That Luxury Feel

Steam showers are a luxury item usually found in the homes of the rich or those with special needs. That however is beginning to change with the availability of modular steam shower kits for the average home owner. In fact many experts are starting to predict that they will be quite common in the average new home in the next 10 years.

The reason for this increase in popularity is the introduction of steam shower kits that can be installed as a unit taking up not much more room than the average walk in shower enclosure and at not a whole lot more expense.

A custom built steam shower will cost the homeowner on average about 10 thousand dollars more than one of these steam shower enclosures. These new kits are also coming with a lot of features standard, depending upon the model that you choose which do not come with the custom built shower unless you are willing to pay more. These features may include such things as special shower heads large rain heads or message jets, special lighting, and phones or music players. Is it any wonder that most home owners want these luxury steam showers over the conventional walk in shower?

These units are being offered by most of the major shower companies in kit form that can be installed by just about any do it your self-er with the help from a licensed electrician. Typically a luxury steam shower unit can be put together and installed in just a few hours depending upon the bathroom that they are installed in. These units usually come with a warranty for several years, which is typical of most plumbing components. As for price these can be found from a low of a couple thousand all the way up to 5 thousand and beyond. So if you are thinking about on of these steam shower kits you need to make a lot of comparisons to get the features that you want for a price that you want to pay.

When you start to consider a new bathroom and you are putting together your new bathroom design you should definitely consider a new steam shower kit. Not only are they fairly easy to install they are a complete unit for relaxing in the bathroom, taking a long steamy shower to relax is a healthy way to relive stress in today’s hectic life style.