Bathroom Floor Tiles and Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

The type of bathroom floor tiles you choose will make a big difference to the overall look of the room. The tiles can make the bathroom appear larger or smaller than it actually is. There are many small bathroom tile ideas that can make your bathroom look great and attractive.

The first thing to keep in mind while selecting bathroom tiles is to get tiles which are resistant to moisture. You have several options in this regard. You can choose glass tiles which have a very cool look, or you can choose another type of tiling. The choice depends on your taste and budget.

The dark color of tiles can be good if a big bathroom has to look smaller. For a small bathroom though, use bright-colored tiles. This does not mean you should only use white tiles. Shades of beige and pastel will also work well. The advantage of having a floor with radiant colors is that it’d reflect the light, and make the bathroom look spacious.

If you decide to use white tiles, you can add a little color, including color tiles randomly between white tiles and another light color; you can also choose to have borders. This will keep your bathroom from looking dull. You can use tiles of one color or several colors depending on your imagination. Figures can also be laid out on the floor using simple colored tiles and borders.

Mosaics are a great bathroom tiles ideas, and they will also make a good floor for small bathrooms. A mosaic of various colors of light, or a combination of clear and bright colors may be used. Choose by theme with the overall decor of your bathroom in mind.

Another important aspect of the bathroom (and shower for that matter) would be the tiles. Tiles in a walk in shower area should fit with the rest of the tiles in the bathroom. Tiles in the bathroom cannot be of a stark contrast with the color or pattern of the rest of the bathroom.  The idea is to make the bathroom seem larger than it is. These bathroom tile ideas should help make a small bathroom seem a little bigger. Big bathroom tiles should be placed, so that the bathroom would seem larger than its actual size. As you can see, there are many great bathroom designs for small bathrooms available.