Stone Vessel Sinks in Contemporary Bathrooms

The latest in bathroom design incorporates high-tech design and functionality in taps/faucets, electric shower devices, body massage consoles and overhead rainfall or dual shower head ceilings, with wood or natural granite bathroom vanity units, antique stone wall tiles and often singular pieces like stone vessel sinks. The most popular bathroom basins are the black granite designs that have square or rectangular edges, and have high polished finishes, often featured in showrooms with tall Kohler faucets, but these are by no means the only ones.

The pinkish travertine design, with rustic outer finish and smooth inner, is another unique stone vessel sink that can be placed in a contemporary bathroom, either set on a glass surface, a wooden vanity or a sleek stainless steel base. The rustic outer area of the travertine bowl offers a rich contrast to high-tech surfaces and fixtures, becoming more of a sculpture than just a place to wash. Yes, they cost more than the porcelain ones, but they’re still affordable at around $450, even for travertine. There are also rustic granite sinks that are carved from a solid chunk of rock. Some have the chisel marks and pitted surfaces on the outer side, yet inside are smooth sinks with pre-cut drains.

The sleekest versions of stone sinks are the marble, onyx and limestone varieties, often pure white or with a fine vein of color. But it doesn’t matter what color you desire, there’s a stone to match.

If you’re going to choose a limestone, travertine, marble or granite stone vessel sink or bowl for the vanity, the walk in shower area can be accented with the same stone to carry the theme through. Even if you plan to install an custom shower with an ultra modern console unit with stainless steel, chrome and glass, you can mount it over stone tile. Or, select the power shower in the Triton Inscriptions series that already has a wall plaque made from Arran stone (a natural creamy color) that goes well with granite, travertine or light marble.