Walk in Shower Enclosure Options

When viewing designs for modern frameless shower enclosures, the sleek lines and clean look is enhanced by the prevalent use of clear glass and acrylic. While this enhances the open feeling of the bathroom and allows the beauty of the tile or other fittings within the walk in shower to be admired, some people might feel that showering behind clear glass feels somewhat exposed. There are things that can be done to maintain the stylish look yet afford more privacy for the user.

Many walk in shower enclosure manufacturers give you the option of using patterned or frosted glass or acrylic instead of clear. Frosted glass is made by treating it with lasers, acid or sandblasting to create a translucent effect which allows light to pass through it but cannot be seen through. Patterned glass and colored opaque glass panels are also available. Acrylics are usually treated with lasers.

For more sophisticated results, glass can be etched with elegant designs. Motifs featuring herons, lilies, neoclassical designs, stripes, leaves, and human figures can be ordered. If this is out-of-budget, a similar effect can be achieved by using static cling window films on the outside of the glass panels. Many patterns are available and can be cut to the exact size needed.

Another kind of walk in shower enclosure is constructed of glass blocks. Curved and straight walls can both be fabricated using these blocks. A glass block shower enclosure gives a degree of privacy even untreated, but they can be ordered with varying degrees of transparency. Blocks can be color tinted, dichroic, or frosted and they can even be etched with designs such as snowflakes. Also, overall mural designs can be done so assembled blocks form an image such as a tree.

If mostly clear glass is preferred, walls and doors can be ordered with a modesty panel of translucent material but the rest clear. There are many answers for those who want the beauty and ease of use that walk in shower enclosures offer yet want the security of non-transparency.