The Benefits of Installing A Shower Base As Part of Your Bathroom Decor

Choosing a shower base for one or several of the showers in your home is a good alternative to aRepairing shower stall with grout applicator

tiled floor if you have both limited space and financial resources. They are less costly than tiles and are fairly easy to install in addition to being easier to clean and maintain, making them a very good all around choice for your walk in shower flooring needs.

There are many styles and designs of a shower base to choose from including the geometric designs of square, rectangular, curved and angled styles. Even if the shower consists of a corner stall there is a base model to accommodate your needs. Most bases today also incorporate a non-slip surface as a safety measure to help prevent accidents in the bathroom shower. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of different colors to complement the rest of the bathroom décor. The construction of your shower base can be acrylic, polymarble, glass ceramic or steel. The cheapest and most common bases are acrylic due to their light and durable structure and inexpensive cost.

Installation of bases are best accomplished by a professional to meet with required specifications and costs of installation will vary according to the services you hire. The cost of a base for a shower stall also will vary according to construction, design and size. But in general you can expect to pay from $150 to $1,000 or more not including installation charges. Adding an attractive and inexpensive shower screen to the shower stall area can also enhance the ambiance of your bathroom and be a positive addition to the overall décor.

Bathroom decorating today has never been easier with the various options of bathroom facilities and accessories one can employ. Upgrading your bathroom to change or enhance its appearance can be feasible and inexpensive by upgrading specific fixtures such as a bathroom wall cabinet, bathroom sinks and shower areas. Thus adding a base and matching shower screen could be just the solution you need to round out your decor.