Three Tips For A Healthier, Natural Shower

If you think of the daily bathroom shower ritual as the time to relax and be in contact with nature, you’d be only half right–about the relaxation part. When it comes to the way we shower, however, we are exposed to a variety of substances that are definitely anything but natural.

The issue here is the long list of chemicals and solvents found in shampoo, soap and even water. We end up absorbing, ingesting, swallowing or breathing large amounts of chemicals over the course of our life’s without even thinking twice about it.

natural shower

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Think about shower water, for instance. What’s in it? Chlorine, for sure–it is used in many municipal water supplies to keep the water clean and free of harmful bacteria. Some water supplies also add fluoride and other substances. This is all to the good of society, but how about for your individual health? Think about how the water touches you, how you breathe in the steam from steam showers, and so on. You are being exposed without even realizing it.

Here are three ways of having a more natural shower without worrying about these chemicals silently entering your body:

1) Use organic shampoo. Research studies have shown that shampoos often contain a whole cocktail of chemicals, none of them good. Some of them include pthalates, sulfates, and parabens among others. Do you really need to rub these chemicals into your scalp day after day? Toss that shampoo and opt for an organic one instead. It is far more likely to be made of natural substances–from aloe to chamomile–that are much gentler on your hair and scalp.

2) Use castile soap. Ever hear of castile soap? It is made of olive oil, and is therefore a natural soap compared to the synthetic varieties you’ll find at the store. It cleans you just as well, and is better for the environment to boot since it is easily biodegradable.

3) Use a shower head water filter. Did you know that there are shower head water filters available that screw into your shower head assembly? These filters can easily and conveniently eliminate chlorine and other impurities in the municipal water supply before it ever hits your skin or gets in your lungs in the form of steam. They are easy to find and replace, making them a no-brainer for anyone concerned about what’s in the water supply.

To summarize, you need to watch the chemicals you are breathing, ingesting or absorbing before you can really become one with nature. Using a shower filter, as well as natural soaps and shampoos gets you a healthier shower without the worry. And that’s how you can really relax!