Over the Door Shower Caddy for Easy Access

You would certainly be familiar with a bath or shower caddy unit, which is used to store all your bathing items. Now, these caddies are the most convenient way to access every single item during your bath from one place. The shower caddies can either be hung from your shower unit, or from the wall, or just fixed to a corner of the bathroom from where you can easily reach the bathing essentials. There is one more option of hanging your shower caddy from the shower door or the shower curtain rod, which in other words is called ‘over the door shower caddy’.

This shower caddy provides storage space and hangs up over the door of your shower creating enough space in your small bathroom. These caddies normally have two or three racks with two hooks that enable it to be hung from the shower door. These shower caddies are found in different makes but the stainless steel ones or the chrome finish ones seem to be most sought after. An over the door shower caddy is made with rust-free finish and hence provides durability. Your bath items can be conveniently stored away from the shower head at the same time easy to access too. This shower caddy also comes with two additional hooks at the bottom to hang your used clothes. There is a suction cup on either side of the caddy to support the entire structure against the shower door.

Some of the models of these caddies are designed to store bath essentials on both sides of the shower door. Most of the models have the store and pour facility so that you can use the liquids up to the last drop by placing them upside down. You also have the option of avoiding suction cups to support these caddies if you want to avoid the rings created by these suction cups.

Once you have decided on the type of caddy you want for your bathroom, it becomes easy to pick. However, the over the door shower caddy is one of the most trendy caddies.