Dual shower head adds luxury to the shower

A great shower can be a relaxing time at the end or the day as well as an invigorating wake up

A shower cubicle with a showerhead.

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in the morning. With many of the restricted flow shower heads installed in today’s showers, you may not be getting enough water in your daily routine. One way that adds luxury to your walk in shower and increases water flow is to add a dual shower head to the bath. There are several options available, and one is sure to fit your daily bathing needs.

One popular option is to add a diverting valve to the existing shower arm. A handheld shower is added as the second shower head. This option is often ideal for handicapped showers and for persons that have mobility issues. The handheld shower can be used while sitting on a shower stool for a better clean.

A second option is to choose a dual shower head that has both nozzles fixed. This setup can be used for a larger spray pattern than is available with a single shower head. The larger spray pattern is ideal for persons that are of larger than average size or anyone who wants a more luxurious shower. Since both heads will be using the same water pressure, the spray may be softer but will certainly have a larger coverage.

Still another option for walk in shower designs is the dual shower head that offers one head at a fixed position and a second that slides up and down a bar. Once the second head is adjusted, it can be fixed into position for the duration of the shower.

Another luxurious option is the square shower head. This addition to the shower can offer the larger spray pattern which would be good for a large walk in shower enclosure, in a single shower head. The unique shape of this head can make your shower look great and give you a better shower experience each day.