The Cost of Walk in Shower Designs

walk in shower designs

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One of the biggest components of a bathroom remodeling project is the average cost to build a shower, or to replace an existing one. Until recently, bathtub shower combination’s that use a shower curtains were the only option. Other choices were either not available or simply too expensive for the average homeowner. But the United Kingdom started grabbing people’s attention with new affordable options, with one of the most popular choices being walk in showers. While these open and enclosed shower designs are affordable, there are factors that should be taken into consideration that can drastically impact the cost of your bathroom renovation project.

One of the major factors that can determine the cost of walk in shower designs is how it is purchased. There are many kits available that make setup and installation simple for those who have some home improvement experience, and the overall cost to do a walk in shower can be as low as $700 for everything. While this is the ideal situation for any homeowner, this may not be possible, or you may want to purchase the components for your walk in shower separately to create a truly customized look. If this is the case, expect to spend around $1500 to as much as $4000 depending on the installation cost and your design tastes.

The cost of walk in showers is also drastically influenced by the style and shape that is selected. There are rectangular, square and corner walk in options available – which can make it easy to find the perfect size unit for your bathroom. But changes in the shower size and shape can impact other areas such as the flooring and plumbing. And if you can not upgrade these areas yourself, they will add to the cost of professional installation.

Before you choose the perfect walk in shower for your home, keep in mind there are a number of factors that will impact the overall cost and your remodeling budget. Before you buy, consider if there are any major changes that will be needed and determine if professional installation is required. Also, set some money aside for unexpected repairs or expenses. By keeping all these factors in mind, you can find the right contemporary walk in shower for your home and give your bathroom a whole new look.