Why You Need A Chlorine Filter In The Shower

Chlorine shower filters are essential items for a walk in shower. They help protect your skin and hair against damage by this chemical.

Chlorine is an effective disinfectant but when it comes to having chlorinated water in your walk in shower enclosures, there are some negative consequences.

Without a chlorine filter in the shower, the skin absorbs much of the chemicals, and some experts claim that we take in more chlorine through the skin than when ingested in drinking water. This is because heated chlorine in the bathing water is vaporized, making it easier to absorb, this is especially bad in steam showers. As a result, there is a pungent smell in the shower that may be strong or mild depending on the chlorine content in the water.

The chlorine can also bond with skin and hair to make them dry and brittle respectively. It means that with a chlorine filter in the shower, there are almost instantaneous results in the health of ones skin and hair, giving that refreshed and healthier look.

Prolonged use of chlorinated bathing water has detrimental effects on health due to the long term exposure of the chemicals in the body. This shows the danger of simply taking a shower with contaminated water. Remember that chlorine is good for disinfecting water, but that same water can bring harm.

The ideal chlorine filter is very easy to install in the shower or in the bathroom plumbing, taking no more than a couple of minutes to an hour to get it set up and working. More importantly, it should clean out the chlorine in the water as much as possible, with some filters promising up to 99. A chlorine filter not only removes the chlorine it also gets rid of dirt, sediment, metal traces and odors that may be present in the bathing water. Try the Big Berkey water filter as the ideal choice of chlorine shower filter to guarantee safe and healthy showers for the whole family.