Cleaning Bathroom Grout Quickly in Less Then 10 Minutes

Grout (drying)

(Photo credit: The Facey Family)

The last thing you want is for icky grimy, germs, and mildew to move into your bathroom. Yuck! It is a great thing this article will teach you how to use a to take care of it quickly and have great  results. To prevent these germs, there are several areas you should take care of including counter tops, flooring, splash boards and a tiled .

I like to start with shower tile and . Fortunately our main bathroom is not very large. Cleaning the shower means 1/3 of my small bathroom will be clean. This is a happy thought. To get started I wet everything down. You can do this with a head or spray bottle or sponge. Next you need to apply the grout cleaner, either a mild cleaner like vinegar, or a slightly harsher store bought disinfectant or bleach.

After you apply the chemicals, you will want to wait for five to 10 minutes for them to break down the dirt and grime that is on the tile and in the grout. The next thing you will want to do is to wipe down the grout and if needed, also scrub out the grout. (Usually an old toothbrush works great on the tile grout or a mildly abrasive sponge or brush scrubber.)

Make sure you have gotten rid of the grout stains and any discoloration. The next step is to rinse with water. This is important because it gets the chemicals off of the grout which can break it down and dissolve it over time. After you rinse the grout, take the time to thoroughly dry the area with a rag or a towels. Now the bathroom should look and smell super clean. If you are like me, your work is finished here until next month. Don’t forget to admire your work, you have done a great job!