Transform Your Design with Bathroom Vanity Units

Taking on the challenge of redecorating your bathroom is something you do not do lightly. There are many components that you need to consider to ensure you achieve the result you want. Bathroom vanity units are specific items of furniture that does require your attention. The addition of a bathroom vanity unit can really transform the look and feel of your new bathroom.

In the past vanities were given little to no importance as they were used mostly to cover up exposed bathroom plumbing. However, today that trend is changing because people are starting to realize the contribution a vanity can make to their new design. Its growing popularity can be seen in the vast array of styles, colors, materials and sizes available. There are standard sizes that you can choose from beginning with the smallest at 22 inches, that would be great for a small bathroom, right up to the biggest at 60 inches in width. The standard cabinet style bathroom vanity is one of the most commonly bought as it can fit into most bathroom areas as well as provide a lot of bathroom storage space.

More people are developing their design theme around the vanity unit and making it the center piece of their bathroom. As well as a decorative piece it also serves a practical function for washing and grooming. If you opt for the cabinet style vanity then it also serves the purpose of storing towels, soaps and shampoos, as opposed to using a bathroom wall cabinet which would take up more space.

There are now more designs and styles of bathroom vanity units than ever before. Whether your new design theme is modern or traditional you will not have a problem finding one to suit your specific needs. For example, the shaker style vanities are becoming a popular design. These are beautifully made using solid natural woods that come in antique pine, oak or cherry wood. You can either match or contrast the counter top with either wood, marble or granite. With vanities like these you can really add a sense of elegance and style to your new bathroom.