Important Tips in Grout Cleaning

Grey and white tilling grout.

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Grout cleaning is one of the messiest and back breaking household chores we can be assigned to. Bending down for a long time, cleaning grout, can really strain our backs and knees. And of course, rubbing or wiping that well attached mold and mildew can really be hard work. Sometimes we even pay the extra price to hire some professionals do the work and get your tiles and grout cleaned for you.


However, with the economic crisis we are all going through, it is important to save your money for future contingencies. If work can be done by yourself then try to do it independently and not spend more just to get it done for you. Tile and grout cleaning might really be hard work, but if you have the right tools and approach, then you will be successful.


If you want to clean your tiles and grout, remove all those mold, grime and mildew by yourself, then check out the important tips below;


Having a proper approach on your dirty tiles and grout is essential in getting successful. The first thing to do is by applying a grout cleaner on your kitchen and bathroom tiles. Grout cleaners are chemical solutions that were created in order to disinfect and loosen the dirt, grime, mildew, and mold in your tiles and grout. After applying a grout cleaner, it is recommended that you let you let your tiles and grouts be soaked with the grout cleaner for about 15 minutes. After that;


You can now remove the dirt, grime and mildew by brushing them off. In brushing the dirt, grime and mildew it is better to use an old toothbrush rather than a rag or sponge, because obviously the bristles have better cleaning capabilities than rags or sponges. Brush the mold, mildew, grime and dirt build ups in your tiles and grouts until they are detached from your tiles. After that, you can rinse your tiles and grouts with water.


It is important to leave the kitchen and bathroom right after tile cleaning because it could be bad to your health if you inhale the odor caused by the grout cleaner.