Basic Tips on How To Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be difficult to clean, especially if you are not cleaning it on a regular basis. Soap scum and stains can easily develop and if they are not removed promptly, it will be harder to get rid of them. Here are a few basic tips on how to clean your bathroom and get it squeaky clean.

First and foremost, gather all of the tools necessary to clean your bathroom. This way you will not have to go back and forth getting them. Make sure that you have some type of protective gloves, a few rags, bathroom and tub cleaner, and some mildew and stain remover. you might also want some bowel cleaner, brush, mops, and floor cleaner. Once you have the necessary tools and equipments, then you can start cleaning. Start off by cleaning the ceiling first then down to the floor. It is always best to clean from top to bottom. If you think your light needs a replacement, then do so. A well-ventilated and lighted bathroom will prevent mildew formation.

Leave the cleaner solution to work on the area of stains and soap suds. You can come back later on after you clean the other part of the bathroom like the bathroom wall, bathroom sinks, bowel, shelves, walk in shower, and mirror. Once you are done with them, you can go back and wash off the cleaner solution and wipe off stains and scum. Next, sweep and mop all areas in the bathroom. Make sure you do not leave out areas under the shelves, furniture and racks. You can then place them back or rearrange them whichever you want. Finish off by putting on some fresh towels.

Additionally, one way to maintain your bathroom cleanliness is to provide an entry rug to leave the dirt out when your family enters the bathroom. To protect your floor, you can place floor coverings such rugs or mats. Dark-colored rugs like red rugs are good choices as they do not easily get filthy. You can easily clean these rugs by using vacuum or shake the dirt and dust off.