Give Your Bathroom A Facelift In Two Easy Steps

An American bathroom of a freshly renovated ho...

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If you want to change your bathroom using only a couple of simple fix up ideas, and it is fairy generic to begin with, there are only two steps you need to take to have a fresh start. Change to unique shower curtains with a bamboo motif and change the drawers pulls to matching green glass drawer pulls.

A bamboo shower curtain brings a light, airy patter into the bathroom. The medium to pale green, usually on a white background, will make the room feel much brighter and airy. If you want to continue the theme to window curtains and white or light green towels, that will certainly help the bathroom decorations along. (If the walls are painted red or have wall paper, your transformation is going to take more work than the two steps provided here.)

By putting new knobs and pulls on the built-in bathroom storage, you can just catch the eye as someone enters the bathroom. The green glass drawer pulls and cabinet knobs will match the bamboo shower curtain and help spread that touch of green around the room. Glass knobs have an old-time flavor, but will make a nice change, even on natural wood cabinets. They bring a nice touch of change without declaring the room decorations brand new.

Once the freshness wears off or another change is needed, you can put the glass knobs in the bathroom wall cabinet for use again in a couple of years, and replace them with another type of pull to emphasize your next new look.

The bamboo motif has been used in Japan and China for thousands of years to signify summer and the light and green it brings. Add a touch of the light to your bathroom with the changes outlined here and enjoy the feel of summer for as long as you want.