Cleaning shower doors made easy


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After enjoying the benefits of having glass shower doors, it is unavoidable to have the need to maintain our new comfort zone. Generally, cleaning is a pain. That is, if you don’t know how to. There are actually easy and inexpensive ways on how to clean your shower doors. Once you know these simple tricks, you would never have to hire someone to clean your own mess. Here are a couple of ideas on cleaning shower doors:

Use what is already there– shampoo. As long as you have a small sponge to go with it, you can never go wrong with using shampoo. Even the cheap, regular shampoo will never let you down when cleaning frameless shower doors. Just apply on sponge, scrub on door, and rinse after. It’s that simple.

On most bathroom vanity units is where you will find the toothpaste. Not only does it give remedy for skin burns, but it also gives a sparkle to a glass shower door like what it does to your teeth. But don’t use a toothbrush; you might spend the entire day inside your bathroom cleaning shower doors if you do so. Use a sponge instead. Make sure that the whole door is covered with toothpaste then scrub it from top to bottom. Wash the door while wiping it using your hands after.

For hard soap scum, lemon oil or canola is highly recommended. Soap scum is really hard to remove and you might think that cleaning that shower door is impossible. But oil (even baby oil) tends to soften the hard substance and when scrubbed evenly, will make the shower door as smooth and as clean as new.

Another help from the kitchen would be the same thing that keeps your dishes squeaky clean: liquid dishwasher soap. The theory is obvious: if it can clean your glasses everyday, then it can also clean your walk in shower doors because they are also made of glass. Just remember to use liquid soap, not dishwasher paste. The latter may leave stains on your glass instead of the earlier which is very easy to rinse.

It may be hard to imagine that a household will run out of anything that was listed above, but just in case, there is always salt with lemon juice. Because of its acidic qualities, it easily removes dirt from any glass you can ever have.