Choose a Color Scheme Before you Decorate your Bathroom

If you are giving your old bathroom a new make over you could choose some lighter colors to create a beach themed room. Using soft shades of tan or neutral beige will begin the creation of your sand and surf setting. There are several designs in this theme available in curtains for both the window and the bathroom shower. These items may have seashells printed on them or island images such as a sandy beach with tropical flowers and palm trees. The colors will vary according to the specific design you select.

Using a Tan or brown rug in the room will also pick up the colors of the beach. There are some brown hand towels created to match collections of rugs that are specifically designed for use in bathroom settings. By selecting the brown colors and choosing curtains with coordinating brown and peach seashells you will have the ability to incorporate one more vibrant color in the design. A deep green would be the perfect accent color for this type of settings as would an ocean blue. You can use accent pieces such as toilet brush holders, shower caddy and towel bar in this contrasting color.

Another nice accessory to place in the bathroom if you have the space is a floor mirror. A full length mirror gives you the opportunity to check on how you are dressed or your hairstyle before you exit the room. The mirrors used in connection with the bathroom vanity unit are not created to be full length and only show you half the image of yourself. Mirrors are also a way to increase the amount of light in a room because they are reflective. Selecting the right products you want to use in renovating your old bath area will result in a more efficient and stylish room to be in.