A Walk In Power Shower

A Power shower is a walk in shower having increased rate of water outlet through an internal pump in a shower head. It is ideal for the houses having low-pressure water systems. It is not suitable if you have a combined boiler or if you have high pressure system.

Power showers or mixers are easily compatible and very safe to use. Mixers simply mix hot water and cold water according to your requirement. It has become an essential part of your bathroom. A bathroom is incomplete without a power shower. A Variety of power showers are available in the market varying in functions and features. The most common of all is the walk in power shower and is preferred by many homeowners.

It is the best accessory to be had for your bathroom. It takes the water from the tank and pressurizes water to come out like a spray. As it utilizes high amount of water at a time, make sure you have sufficient amount of water available in your water system. Or else you may face the problem of air-locking or draining the system.
power shower
Some are in very sleek in appearance, concealed inside the wall and only the shower head is visible. The ones which are fully visible also require less space and are very easy to install. Many power showers are provided with thermostatic control which automatically adjusts the temperature via the flow of hot and cold water. It also adjusts with the temperature if the tap is opened or if the toilet is flushed while the shower is also in use.

It also has an option that reduces the power and uses natural gravity and saves water. It is called Eco-setting. It also consists of an anti-lime scale nozzle which prevents spray heads from getting blocked. Various options are available in power showers to get the showers from soft to vibrant. Soft gives you gentle spray whereas the other gives you vigorous stimulation.

It automatically stops if any one of the water connection fails. It serves as a safety feature. Power showers also have the option for adjusting the heights. As people in the family vary in height, so as to match with the varying heights this option is useful.

Mainly there are three types of power shower available on the market. The first, which can be installed by local plumbers about any where, is very common as discussed earlier. The second is with single pump, placed between the mixer and the shower head. The third one is very versatile, with double impeller pumps. It combines both hot and cold water. Hence, you can choose the one that is perfect for you.