Using Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles are known for their beauty and aesthetic value. They occur naturally on riverbeds or places where water has scoured stone to a smooth and beautiful appearance, they are then collected in their raw form and molded into the required shape or according to customer specification and latter installed with relative ease. They provide great finishes and can be used on pavements, floors, counters and even walls. Glass mosaic tiles are also known for their beauty and wonderful finishes, and a myriad of other advantages. However, though they have similar uses, the natural stone tiles outdo the glass mosaic in a few areas. These include:

1. Affordability – The natural stone tiles are easy to buy and maintain due to their easy availability and mining process while the glass mosaic, due to their nature are more expensive and need a lot of work to maintain. Natural stone tiles require cheap maintenance owing to their structure; they can be easily re-polished unlike the glass mosaic tiles.

2. The natural stone tiles come with a wide variety of color, size, shapes and texture; these make it superior to the glass mosaic variety although the latter can be modified to suit the owner’s preference.

3. Glass mosaic tiles have been used for centuries and so have the natural stone tiles, however one of them the natural stone tiles, still stands out as a fashionable finish. They never go out of style. They can be used to complement any type of interior finishing.

4. The durability of the natural stone tiles compared to the glass mosaics is superior owing to the fact that natural stone is not brittle and can withstand adverse effects of heat and other elements of nature.

5. Though the glass mosaics are found in an array of colors, the natural stone tiles come in warm colors, colors that are welcoming and homely. This gives them preference in households, offices and places where serenity is portrayed, such as tourist stop, conference centers and the like.

6. The design capabilities that come with the natural stones are immeasurable. It can be molded to almost anything, pavement slabs, kitchen slabs, wall clad, bathroom and floor tiling. This makes the tiles a sort after commodity due to their versatility.

7. Natural stones being naturally occurring are easy to find and their availability is never an issue. Glass mosaic tiles are relatively hard to find and some even need to be ordered beforehand.

With all due respect, even though this article pays homage to natural stone tiles, I myself actually use glass mosaic tiles because they fit in best with my home dcor. So as with many things in life, look for what suits you best!