Choosing A Bathroom Vanity Unit

If you are looking for bathroom fix up ideas, where do you begin? The major components are usually

1.A walk in shower, the luxury item,

2.The porcelain throne, the necessity

3.The bathroom vanity unit, the work horse of the bathroom.

There is no reason that the workhorse can’t also be a show horse. Providing storage in the bathroom is pretty much an essential today. At one time this might have been just a set of shelves. Most people will prefer a cabinet or vanity unit as they are called. This usually consists of two parts, the base unit which has storage space and usually a few drawers, and the top or counter, which usually contains the bathroom sink.

These vanity units are available in many styles and finishes; you need to consider the bathroom as a whole to decide what finish will fit in with the rest of the bathroom look. You also need to look at your available space. If there is enough space you could put in a double sink counter top which would just about double the space in the vanity also.

One way to distinguish the different styles of vanities is by the material that they are constructed from. Although there are many materials available these are just a few of the most popular.


One of the most popular metal cabinets is the stainless steel cabinets. These usually have polished surfaces and clean lines for a more modern look. They are low maintenance easy to clean and of course water proof. While there are other metal cabinets they are usually cheaper and sport a painted finish.


The modern glass vanity unit usually is a free standing unit with a metal framework that supports it, or sometimes you will find them as wall mounted units. Though being an attractive unit they are a bit higher maintenance as they will show water spot and lime scale build up.


The wood vanity is probably the most popular unit and is the standard cabinet for most bathrooms. They can be found in many different finishes such as oak, maple, walnut and many other woods. They can give your bathroom the feel of an antique or a more modern feel depending on the type of wood and a light or dark finish.

Counter tops

The actual top its self can be made from a variety of materials such as stone, maybe granite or marble, or can be a custom built top formed from an epoxy or cement base that looks like stone. They are also available in a vinyl cover wood top that is less expensive. Most counter tops will have the sink built in or have a cut out for the sink to be set in.

There are so many types of material and finishes that the design possibilities of you vanity unit are almost endless. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look, a more traditional look, or any thing in between. And whether your bathroom calls for a small unit or a corner unit the possibilities are only dependent upon what you want.