Are Glass Shower Doors Your Best Option?

No Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower doors are usually what most prospective remodelers think of adding when they consider sprucing up the bathroom with either a major overhaul or just a bit of minor cosmetic work. Glass shower doors are really attractive and add a large wow factor to almost any shower decor. These shower doors are, however, considerably more work to properly install and maintain than many people first suspect when they are choosing between a glass shower door and a simple curtain.

Before settling on a glass door, take some time to consider the downsides of such an arrangement. While the tempered glass used in any quality door is surprisingly strong, it can still be broken, especially by careless or overly energetic children. Good quality doors will also need to be physically attached to your tub or walk in shower shower fixture with screws and caulk. Hardware-free systems are available on the market, but they are never as securely attached or as watertight as a model that is bolted in place. If you are not a relatively skilled do-it-yourselfer, the door will need to be installed by a professional, and the installation cost may well match, or even exceed, the cost of the glass shower door itself.

Finally, there is the matter of upkeep to consider. Even clean water contains minute mineral particles that will, over time, stain the glass and discolor the hardware. This can be extreme if your home relies on a well in an area where excessive mineral deposits exist in the ground water. Unless you wipe your door dry after every use, an occasional cleaning will be required with a strong detergent and calcium remover to keep your walk in shower enclosure looking its best.

Certainly, a glass shower door will add style and sophistication to any bathroom and can be a choice that you will never regret making, so long as you fully understand what you are getting into beforehand.