Where To Purchase A Bi Fold Shower Door

bi fold shower door

(Photo credit: Mark Drago)

The bi fold shower door is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who are stuck with a small bathroom. Unfortunately, most homes are built with most space being relegated to the main rooms of the home leaving the bathroom as the smallest room in the house. Because of their space saving qualities, many people who want a bi fold shower door are wondering where to purchase them.

The first place to look is at any bathroom fixture store. They are going to carry at least one or two styles but they may not have a wide variety which can be a waste of time. DIY stores may also carry these doors but their stock is going to be limited as well and they can cost more than other places.

It is also possible to speak to a contractor to get these doors, but they are going to be expensive. Not only will the shower door cost money but the contractor will want to install it at a much higher price and they are quite easy for even a layman to install. There is another option that is much more cost effective and is going to offer many more choices that any of the above options.

The Internet is a great resource for those who are looking for cost effective doors in a wide variety of styles to choose from. Simply conduct a search and choose the doors for your walk in shower that you want. Installation instructions typically come with the doors to help do it yourself people to get them put in.

Small bathrooms can benefit from bi fold shower doors. They can be found at many places from bathroom fixture stores, do it yourself home improvement stores and online. Purchasing them online can be the best option as they offer a better variety and a more competitive price.