Why Bathroom Renovations are Better with Fiberglass Shower Enclosures

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Adding a walk in shower stall in a bathroom not only provides a suitable place for users to take a shower in privacy but also helps to protect the rest of the bathroom from splashing water. There are many different types of shower stalls to choose from but the ones that sell the best are fiberglass shower enclosures. A fiberglass enclosure will provide a number of benefits and advantages.

Fiberglass lends an elegant look to the room and if the rest of the bathroom is well decorated, it will look even better. Many of these walk in shower enclosures are equipped with a floor that will not get slippery, so there is no need to purchase an anti slip mat to go in the shower its self. This makes for a safer environment when someone is stepping into or out of the shower stall. They also usually have a built in shower caddy where soap, gel, shampoo and other bath products can be kept. Bars are often included for hanging clothing, wash cloths and bath towels. Fiberglass shower stalls will not scratch and maintenance is easy. If it does become damaged or cracked there are fiberglass shower repair kits available. This type of stall will be completely sealed to keep the water on the inside and prevent it from leaking out and making the bathroom floor wet and slippery.

You can find plenty of bathroom shower ideas online as well as sources for purchasing a fiberglass walk in shower enclosure. Locally they can be found at home improvement stores. These fiberglass shower stalls are simple to install and professional assistance will not be necessary. Prices for these units can be as low as $250 and as much as $400 depending on the model. Carefully measure the bathroom before you purchase a stall to make sure you get the proper size for the space you have available. Once you have selected the enclosure that you want to install, you can choose other items like lighting fixtures, throw rugs and bathroom decorations to complement the décor.