Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Adds Style

bathroom medicine cabinets

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Today, white bathroom medicine cabinets are made from several different materials, however, for many people, their favorite choice is a wood medicine cabinet. These cabinets can either be painted white or made of stained wood to offset the overall décor in your bathroom. Fine workmanship and carved designs are the primary features of modern-day wooden medicine cabinets.

One of the commonly used type of bathroom medicine cabinets are metal or cheap plastic medicine cabinets. These are relatively cheap to purchase, and they are available in all sizes and shapes, too. This is a plus point, especially if you require a larger unit to use for bathroom storage. But the main drawback of buying these cheaper-type cabinet furniture is they are not durable enough to withstand prolonged use. On the other hand, wood is generally built to last a long time. What’s more, wooden bathroom medicine cabinets are extremely attractive, sturdy and durable. Even though wood will expand if exposed to moisture or humidity, cabinets that are made of high quality wood are usually able to withstand the sometimes steaming atmosphere in a bathroom.

Some of the wood medicine cupboards can store just a few items. These are made small so that can be attached easily to the walls above bathroom vanity units. In case you require extra storage space for keeping certain toiletries, bathroom supplies and medicinal products as well, you can opt for a larger bathroom wall cabinet that is as wide as double sinks.

Most of the wooden cabinets have a white finish with a glass window that is frosted on the panel in front. However, if you would rather have one made entirely of wood, these are also available. White colored wooden medicine cabinets usually have a fairly basic finish and design, which involve panels that feature small artistic engravings and straight lines, even though a majority of them have a crown molding at the top. The prices vary, depending on the workmanship, size and the wood type from which the item is made. If the budget is alright with you, there are cabinets available for as low as $100 or $700 and above for one.

If your choice is for installing a wood-type cabinet in the bathroom, you must consider a few things to make sure it will last long. As humidity is bad for wood, it is advisable to frequently wipe your cabinet with a clean, dry cloth, in order to get rid of moisture. Installing them in rooms that are well ventilated is recommended, as this will considerably cut down the dampness in the air and increase the lifespan of your bathroom medicine cabinets.