Steps For Installing A Shower Curtain Rod Properly

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Installing your new shower curtain rods is fairly easy, especially if you have a do it yourself attitude. If you’ve lost the instructions that were included or want to make sure that you are installing them properly you will want to follow the instructions we’ve included below.

Step #1: Figure Out How High Your New Shower Curtain Rod Will Go – Take a look at your walk in shower enclosure and figure out how high you want the new shower curtain rod to be. Most people will choose to install the rod between 3″ and 6″ above where their shower stall ends going up the wall. Be sure and take a look at the shower curtain first to determine how it will look, especially if you have unique shower curtains.

Step #2: Make A Mark Where The Brackets Will Go On The Wall – When you have figured out how high you are going to mount the rod you will need to hold up the mounting brackets and make marks around them. You are going to need to attach the brackets on these marks so they should be even.

Step #3: Install The Brackets Using The Included Fasteners – After you have created the marks where you want the brackets to go you will need to attach them using the fasteners that were included inside of your shower curtain rod kit. These fasteners are designed to hold the brackets onto the wall securely.

Step #4: Insert The Shower Curtain Rod Into The Brackets – After the brackets have been mounted onto the marks that you created you can start inserting one end of the shower curtain rod into the brackets, and then extend the rod so that it fits tightly into the other bracket.

Step #5: Attach Your Shower Curtain And Shower Curtain Rings – Start threading on your shower curtain rings, and then begin attaching the shower curtain onto the rings, making sure that the shower curtain rod is not too loose or is going to fall while you’re doing it.

All in all installing new shower curtain rods along with a new shower curtain is not really all that hard of a task.