Pedestal Sinks And Other Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Though it may sound quite obvious but a sink is a necessity in any bathroom. There are a wide variety of bathroom sinks that will fit in with your small bathroom design ideas. One can choose any type they want as per the bathroom size and bathroom decor. One thing which we usually keep in mind when selecting the sinks is the size of the bathroom and its setup. A nice sink adds to the look of the bathroom.

For a small bathroom corner sinks can be a very feasible option. Corner sinks can be found in many types and sizes and can fit in any corner of the bathroom freeing up much of the floor and wall space. The corner sink can also be fitted, in such a way, that it seems to be suspended from the wall giving us ample space below and above the sink. This may allow us to place a trash can below and we can also use the space above for bathroom medicine cabinets. The area around the sink can be used to attach shelves and cabinets and even pieces of art. All of this adds to the décor of the bathroom.

You can also position a pedestal sink in a corner in the same fashion. A pedestal sink is such that it has pillar like base. This base can have many unique designs. Pedestal sinks look stylish and are an important part of the bathroom design. There are a wide variety of colors and design types of such sinks available. Therefore, it is up to the user to decide which specific look matches with the design and texture of the bathroom walls. There are sinks made of copper, marble, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, and sinks with wrought iron pedestals as well. You may decide which theme you want to create with these types.

Sink vanities are yet another excellent option for the small bathroom. Sink vanities are available with a traditional sink or with a raised or vessel sink. The cabinets beneath can provide you some extra storage space. There are corner vanities to choose from, sinks with round bases and cabinetry, and sinks with lower shelving. The different wood types and finishes allow you to bring in more elagant and innovative products in your bathroom.

Sinks are an important part of a bathroom and a stylish and elegant sink can make your small bathroom ideas look more appealing. It may also add to the décor and this should be kept in mind.