Remodel Your Bathroom the Most Efficient Way

If you are putting your house up for sale because you are moving up to a bigger and better house, then make sure each and every part of it is in a good shape. In addition to the master bedroom, living room, kitchen and courtyard, it is especially important that the bathroom be in good shape and properly fitted with all the basic modern amenities. If it is in a dilapidated state, then the value of the property is doomed to go down proportionately.  Especially for homes in down markets, such as California, an Orange County bathroom remodeling job, could be the difference between 60 days and 360 days on the market.

Here are a few quick and economical tips. By following these you can remodel your bathroom and even jazz it up a bit to create the most favorable impression.

Start with structural issues first. Check for rot and cracks in the walls and floors, leaks in the ceiling or anything defective in the framework. Repairing these will mean added costs but no amount of touch ups and bathroom decorations will help if the bathroom is in need of serious construction.

Next comes the toilet repair. Check that it is in good operating condition and without any ugly stains, mold and bacteria accumulating on the surface. When replacing toilet parts, replace the toilet seat. It doesn’t cost much.

Bathroom sinks, the walk in shower and small bathtubs can be waxed or hidden behind the liners. Waxing can restore gleam to the fittings whereas liners can give them a new appearance altogether. Do not change the bathroom storage cabinets or the bathroom vanity unit altogether and get new ones. Remodeling them can be easy and economical, by just changing a few parts. Like installing a new glass sink in the vanity and painting the bathroom wall cabinet.

Cover the counter tops with granite tiles. These give a very classy look and cost not even half as much an entire granite counter top.  Light up the area with new bathroom lighting, or use aromatic candles on attractive candle stands for added emphasis. Whether you need Orange County bathroom cabinets styling or simple El Paso country styling, its important to take proper care of your bathroom remodeling.