Purchase A Single Hole Lavatory Faucet

single hole bathroom faucet

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While a single hole bathroom faucet can be a handsome addition to any new bathroom, a consideration of a few important bathroom features is a necessary prerequisite to purchase single hole lavatory faucets. Firstly, one must consider the bathroom vanity unit that is intended to work with the lavatory faucet, is it made for a single hole faucet, or for a more traditional bathroom taps with separate holes dedicated for hot and cold control knobs? Although creative solutions may be your strength, most do-it-yourself types would consider such a mismatch a critical mistake. On the other hand, if your intention is to renovate an entire bathroom, consider the purchase of a single hole bathroom faucet alongside the purchase of the vanity.

Keep in mind also important features about the bathroom before making that trip to the plumbing repair store. If you intend to shop for a single hole bathroom faucet, does it need to fit in the space under the mirror of a medicine cabinet? What is the clearance distance between the top surface of the vanity and the bottom of the mirror? This number should be born in mind during the selection of an appropriate single hole faucet, as a faucet that is too tall will cause compatibility issues with a medicine cabinet mirror, particularly if the mirror is on hinges. One must remember that the main movement of such a faucet is upwards meaning that glass in its path can be struck and easily broken.

As a do-it-yourself type, if you consider to purchase single hole lavatory faucets, be aware of the diameter of the hole in the vanity where the single hole bathroom faucet will sit. In our global economy, many different conventions popular in specific areas are now available, meaning that it is now easier to mismatch a faucet with a vanity with ports that are too small. However, many do-it-yourself types are highly self reliant, there is no need to make this mistake. Find a reliable plumbing parts supplier that can assist you with properly matching the parts of your newly renovated bathroom. This will be the key to your enduring satisfaction with the project.