Installing Your Own Roman Tub Faucet

 roman tub faucet

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When you purchase a roman tub faucet, you are purchasing one of the premier faucets on the market and you are assured that if they are installed properly that you will have not only a attractive looking faucet but also a well working faucet for the money. If you do home projects often, installing one of these lavatory faucet on your own should not be all that difficult.

Things You Should Have On Hand

1. Your roman tub faucets kit
2. A hacksaw
3. A screw driver
4. PVC glue and cleaner
5. Sand paper
6. Flux
7. Solder
8. Torch

First thing you need to do is to remove your old basin taps and the handles. First thing is to take off the center caps and then make sure to take the screw out of the middle of all the handles. Then remove the escutcheon rings a long with the retaining nuts.

After you have done this, remove the spigot by unscrewing the spigot to get it removed. You should then be able to slide it out. If there are retaining screws you will have to unscrew those first.

If you happen to have copper bathroom plumbing and fittings they will need cutting and then soldered back together after you put in the new pipe parts. If they happen to be plastic pipes you will still need to cut them then glue them back together.

Replace the retaining nuts and then put the escutcheon ring back on. Put the new handles on, tighten the screws and then put the new pop caps on the handles. After you have done this put the new spigot on and make sure it’s turned in place.

Final step is to turn on the water and check for any leaks. If there are leaks make sure that everything is tight as it should be and then retest the bathroom taps for further leaks. All that is left after this is to enjoy the look and feel of your new roman tub faucets and the pride that you can feel from installing them your self.