What Are Small Corner Bathtubs?

As its name suggests, small corner bathtubs are a smaller version of an ordinary bathtub which can be fit into the corners of your bathroom. While most bathtubs will take up an entire wall of your bathroom, need a little space from two walls, which it is attached to. Most bathtubs that are installed in a corner have four to five sides and their basins come in the shapes of either circles, squares or triangles.

Because it is not elongated, a corner tub is actually a lot roomier than conventional bathtubs. Despite its small size, most small corner bathtubs can accommodate up to two people. This comes in handy with a small bathroom. Some bathrooms are originally built to be utilitarian, consisting of a toilet area, a and a shower. Sometimes, even a is not present and people have to make do with water from the faucet.

If you’re in this type of setup, and find yourself wanting a small bathtub of your own so you have a place to relax after a hard day’s work, you may find that a small corner bathtub can offer the same benefits as a regular tub while taking up less space. These small bathtubs are also suitable for bathrooms where a typical elongated tub can’t be installed because although the bathroom is spacious, it has a lot of corners.

Another example of a bathroom layout where corner bathtubs can be most useful is when the bathroom has a area, but due to and other problems, a bathtub can’t be installed under it to make a bath/shower area. Some people love to go all-out on decorating their bathrooms and would sometimes go for luxurious bathtubs. However, the end result is disastrous – bathroom fixtures taking up too much space can make for a really crowded bathroom. Although you may feel like your bathroom has enough space, installing a small corner bathtub is not a bad idea; it opens up the space and makes it feel lighter, more relaxed and pleasing to the eye.